ImgnAI is building a global leader in consumer AI.

Our flagship product, Nai, is an AI-powered image generation bot that allows discord and telegram users to generate art via simple text command.

The only limit is your imagination


imgnAI brings you Nai, the first anime focused Telegram & Discord bot that lets you create your own masterpiece using any command in your group

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CONTRACT: 0xa735a3af76cc30791c61c10d585833829d36cbe0

CONTRACT: 0xa735a3af76cc30791c61c10d585833829d36cbe0

Meet NAI

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era. Artificial intelligence is reshaping our world and empowering people to create without limits. 

ImgnAI is a crypto-native team with one goal: to build a new leader in consumer AI. We aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create products that allow users to have fun while exploring the full range of their imagination.

Our flagship product, Nai, is an AI-powered text-to-image bot that’s currently compatible with Telegram and Discord. We offer seamless UI and 8+ custom image models with ever-increasing quality. Nai allows users to bring their imagination to life regardless of artistic ability.

While we’re initially focused on image generation, ImgnAI is built to be so much more.

In the coming months and years, we’ll drastically expand our image generation tooling and launch new, innovative product verticals in the realm of consumer AI. Our roadmap includes products and key partnerships for crypto-natives and no-coiners alike. 


Ready to get started? Add Nai bot to your Discord or Telegram today! 🚀

How To NAI

Nai is simple and easy to use.

If you need some help getting started, check out our How to Nai tutorial.

Anyone can use Nai to make amazing art. Just follow the steps below to add Nai to your Telegram or Discord.


    – Add Nai to your group using the button below.

    – Type your command + text prompt. Hit enter to generate.


    – Add Nai to your server using the button below.

    – Give Nai full permissions in your server.

    – Use the /commands listed to enable Nai in all or specific channels. You can also enable NSFW content with the /commands provided by the bot.

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    Add NAI to your group

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$imgnAI is our primary utility token and plays a key role in our growing ecosystem. Soon, the token will be used to unlock premium features in our upcoming web app (HD/4K resolution, upscaling, remix, exclusive models) and mint user generations directly as NFTs. The token will also be given a range of important utilities as we build out our ecosystem and launch new product verticals in the field of consumer AI. 

In addition to ecosystem utility, we aim to decentralize governance of imgnAI via the $imgnAI token. Decentralization can be accomplished by providing governance and voting power to $imgnAI stakers as part of the imgnAI DAO operating policies.

We look forward to rolling this out and moving imgnAI toward true decentralization in the future.

At this time, we also offer access to unreleased beta models to those holding at least 100k $imgnAI.
In this way, our stakeholders contribute significantly to the development of new image models and future products.


You can verify for beta via collabland using the buttons below.

Collabland is secure and your wallet will remain anonymous.

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Revenue Model

ImgnAI will soon release our first revenue stream, Premium, which allows users to access a range of token-gated features.
As we build out our ecosystem and onboard both web2 and crypto-native users, we’ll maintain a variety of revenue streams including:

  • Paid advertising slots on the Nai bot
  • Paid advertising on Nai web app
  • User-trained image models
  • Custom tooling for partners
  • Exclusive NFT tooling

To maintain the integrity of our community, imgnAI will be selective about the projects we work with – ensuring that when we do, they are highly reputable and offer something interesting, fun or unique to our audience.

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    Paid avertising slots on the nai bot

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    Paid advertising on Nai web app

  • 03

    User-trained image models

  • 04

    Custom tooling for partners

  • 05

    Exclusive NFT tooling


Phase 01

Pre Launch

- Bot build and proof-of-concept testing
- Website and socials launch
- Liquidity raise
- Token launch

Phase 02

Post Launch

- Community activation & base model enhancement
- Text-to-Speech activation
- Upgrade tech stack & render quality
- Launch full suite of custom in-house models

Phase 03

V2 Buildout

- First major partnership
- Web app V1 live
- ??? (it’s really cool)
- Premium launch
-Staking with initial rev share


Global Expansion

- More major partnerships
- More in-house models
- Best-in-class render quality
- 2nd unique product vertical


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