$imgnAI is our primary utility token and a key aspect of the imgnAI ecosystem. The token will gain increasing utility and allow for global access to our growing suite of consumer AI products.


Soon, the token will be used to unlock premium features (HD/4K resolution, upscaling, NSFW models, etc), access new products, and mint user generations directly as NFTs. Spent tokens for Premium and our NFT tooling will be burned, thus deflating the total supply of $imgnAI.


In addition to ecosystem utility, we aim to decentralize governance of imgnAI via the $imgnAI token. Decentralization can be accomplished by providing governance and voting power to $imgnAI stakers as part of the imgnAI DAO operating policies. We look forward to rolling this out and moving imgnAI toward true decentralization in the future!



Token contract:




Team Vesting


CEX / Staking




Buy Tax


Sell Tax

1% of buy tax & 1% of sell tax are auto-added to LP

ImgnAI BETA program

Holders of 100k or more $imgnAI have access to our beta program. 


Verified beta users have access to unreleased models and features, and help us test these upgrades before they’re released to the public. In this way, our stakeholders contribute significantly to the development of new image models and future products.


You can verify for our beta program via collabland. Collabland is secure and your wallet will remain anonymous.